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  • Mmmm...
    When Lassie came home
    she found her
    "Good Dog Bed"
    and never went
    on another adventure!
  • Beds in Stock
    "I don't think I'm being unreasonable..."
    "..but 3 to a Bed? Really!"
  • Many Sizes
    "I think we've outgrown these - I'm ready for that 60 inch crate pad"
  • Love My Cubby
    "Grrrrrh! Don't you touch me! It's mine!"
  • Cubbies, Beds, Pads
    "I can't even begin to tell you how good this feels!"
  • Many Bed Styles
    "I don't understand? Why do I have to get up?"
  • Faux Fur Dog Beds
    "I wish I was made of Faux Fur! It's so soft!"
  • All Sizes of Cubbies
    "If I sit really,
    really still they might
    think I'm a stuffed toy
    and leave me here"
  • Cuddle fabric feels good
    "I know I should get up, but this cuddle fabric feels so good against my skin.."
  • Faux Fur Round
    "Don't Care! I'm not moving"
  • Cubbies
    "I'd cover my nose as well but they might sit on me!"